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Do i need a medical card?

No, you only need to be 21+ with a valid photo ID. You DO NOT need to be a DC resident.

How do i order?

  1. View the menu.
  2. Click Order Bayside. Select the time that you want to come and pickup your order.
  3. On the last page, type in the menu items that you want in the “Appointment Notes” section.

Shortly after you book the appointment, we will call you to clarify any more questions you may have and package up your full order. See you soon!

Do you deliver?

No, we have easy pickups at the Southwest DC address.

What are the prices?

No donations or payments are accepted for products.

What's the address for the pickup?

The address is listed on the Order Bayside link. It changes daily, but is in Southwest DC.

Can you save me some of the product?

Unfortunately, no. To provide the best experience, we rotate products daily to ensure you receive the most fresh and premium products you love.

Do you have a vaporizer with the oils?

We have the full setup! Hit the button 5 times to turn it on and off, and hit the button 3 times to change the heat setting! Variable voltage batteries are only $20!

How can I get more pictures?

Check out latest post on Instagram!


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