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1. New Bayside 3.5g Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars! Limited Supplies. 
Ask us about them when you book your appointment!



  • Guava Cake (H)
  • ​Agent Orange (S)
  • Mendo Cookies (IH)
  • ​LA Poprocks (H)

Premium Indoor

  • ​Sour Diesel (S)
  • ​Headband (H)
  • ​​THC Bomb (H)
  • Oregon Blueberry (H)
  • ​Magic Melon (SH)
  • ​MAC (H)
Exotics available in 3.5g quantities
Premium available in 3g quantities


1g Distillate Cartridges

  • Lemon Haze (S)
  • ​Peach Mango (I)
  • ​Strawberry Banana (H)
  • ​Bubba Kush (I)
  • ​Sour Diesel (S)
  • ​Green Crack (S)
  • ​Cherry Pie (H)
  • ​Melonade (S)
  • ​Blue Dream (H)


Not-Your-Mother's THC Sweets

  • 200mg Cereal Bars
  • ​500mg Medicated Nerds Rope Candy
  • ​100mg Weed Leaf Gummy
  • ​50mg Lollipop
  • ​500mg Coconut Oil Tincture

LIMITED! Magic Mushrooms

  • 3.5g Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars



  • Ice Cream (S)

Live Resin

  • Sour Diesel (S)
  • ​Black Widow (H)

A-Grade Shatter

  • Super Silver Haze (S)
  • ​Wedding Cake (H)
  • ​Truffle Trees (I)


  • +1.25g Dutch Treat (H)
  • ​+1.25g Exotic Prerolls

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202 Bayside Menu
202 Bayside Menu
Exotic Orange Push Pop Flower
1g Distillate Bayside Vape Cartridges
1g A-Grade Shatter
Gunslinger Flower
SFV OG Flower
Forbidden Fruit 🍉 Flower
Bayside Hash Moonrocks
100mg Gummies
White Widow Live Resin
1g Distillate King Pen Cartridges
1g Distillate Syringes
50mg Lollipops, 100mg Gummies, and 200mg Cereal Bar
200mg Cereal Bar
+1.25g Preroll
100mg Gummies
0.5g Distillate Bayside Cartridge
Our Full Selection
+1.25g Preroll
A-Grade Pressed Hash
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